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The Company

About the Company


This company started in 2019 with the need to help educate healthcare providers and their patients for the purpose of bridging the communication gap. This company helps improve current methodologies in healthcare by ensuring that national standards of care are followed. 

I teach healthcare professionals through a strategy called LISTEN. LISTEN is an acronym meaning: List. Inquire. Signs & Symptoms. Treatment. Evaluation. Needs. It's a simple concept but what's simple is not always easy. This company helps. 

My Story

I was once the patient who almost died before and during the birth of my son. Many things went wrong during my pregnancy because I wasn't listened to when complaining about the signs and symptoms I was experiencing. Instead of me dying, my firstborn was stillborn. A full-term stillborn! 

Statistics show that women are dying in and around giving birth because they are not listened to or heard when complaining about issues in their bodies. They are not being taken seriously and in some cases flat-out ignored.  You can learn more about these issues from the CDC's "Hear Her Campaign." 

Losing my child was devastating, as it is for many families who lose a mom, baby, or both. These events were an impetus for me to return to school to become a nurse as a second career, but first love. 


Families don't want to lose their loved ones. Healthcare providers don't want to lose their patients. I have been in both positions and have a distinctive perspective. I bring both sides together by: 

     *Identifying areas needed for improvement 

     *Naming the issues

     *Planning the execution 

     *Implementing solutions 

     *Evaluating the results


To decrease the Maternal Mortality 

and Morbidity rates in the United States which will help close the gap in healthcare disparities.


To educate healthcare professionals and their staff to LISTEN to their patients and families in order to improve relationships and save lives.

Nurse | Nurse Educator | Nurse Consultant | Best-selling Author | Innovator | Inventor

Professional Summary

I am a public speaking professional with experience speaking in large seminars. I don't just give speeches but I create experiences that are engaging and interactive.  

I carry out corporate training and seminars that will keep your employees engaged by encouraging participation. They will want to attend this educational program not because they have to but because they are excited to.

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